The Wilson Barn

A Livonia, Michigan tradition since 1919.

Now known for the Livonia Farmer’s Market, Hot Rod and Car Show, and Pumpkin fest, it’s sometimes hard to remember the Wilson Barn as the fully functioning dairy farm it was in earlier years. Previously a leader in dairy processing and products using local resources, the Wilson family’s daily mission was the serve families in the community.

When hosting an event at the barn, or browsing the rows of homegrown goodness that fill the stalls of the Farmer’s Market on a Saturday in the summer, you can still feel the Wilson’s original mission of serving the community shinning through.

Today, this National Historic Site is maintained and cared for by ‘The Friends of the Barn’; helpful Livonia neighbors who tent to events and upkeep of the area. The big white and red barn on the corner of Hubbard Road hosts various multi-cultural experiences yearly from June to October for residents to partake in.

‘The Friends of the Barn’ look forward to seeing you at a future event to continue to tradition of spreading homegrown joy to the community and families.

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